Fog Dispersal
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FIDO, Fog Dispersal Unit

During the 2nd World War the area of land to the north of Cavenham village became the site for a FOg DIspersal unit or FIDO attached to Tuddenham Airfield.

To assist in fog dispersal, perforated petrol pipes were laid along the edges of the runway. In foggy conditions, fuel was pumped from large containers standing on the concrete strip next to the old road to Temple Bridge. This pumped fuel was ignited and the heat generated caused the fog to rise and the flames highlighted the outline of the runway. The flames reached 20-30 ft.

2nd World War Images

Digging the dug out air raid shelter at Lark Hall approximately 1940 Two of the London east end evacuees sitting outside the entrance to the Lark Hall dug out built by the Gooch family Early days of the L. D. V. later the Homeguard, approximately 1940.  Michael Gooch


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