Saxon Times First church built



1086 Population of 24 recorded, along with 2 fisheries, 2 acres meadow, 2 horses, 5 cattle, 3 sheep, 3 pigs

ad 1100 







1400 Bell frame and chest put in church

  1603 Population of 70 adults

1608 Third bell put into church tower

1600-1649 Occupations: 3 husbandmen, 6 yeomen, 1 shepherd, 1 maltster, 1 carpenter, 1 butcher


1843 New Baptist chapel built

1844 Main occupations: large corn mill and wharf. Recreation: the Bull Inn and the Dog and Partridge public houses, 2 beerhouses.

1845 Village school  built

1865 New tiled roof on church

1866 Major church restoration

1884 Lord Mayor's Cottage was a sweet shop

1885 Mildenhall Railway Station opened in Barton Mills parish

1885 Monks Manor owned by O.T. Read of Mildenhall

ad 1900 


1911 Clock inserted in church tower


1931 Village Hall built

1935 Dairy in Worlington Road founded by Richard Parker started with six cows

1937 Sandfords Dahlia Gardens [Please link to story under Flora and Fauna] opened

1937 Butt Lane was referred to as Bell Lane

1937 Phonebox put on The Bell forecourt

1938 Workhouse Lane was known as Grange Lane

1939 Village school closed

1942 Pill Box built on Cherry Hill 

1948 Council houses built in Church Lane named Burrell Crescent

1948 Work started on demolishing the Water Mills on Old A11 Road

1949 HRH the Princess Royal (Princess Mary) visited Sandfords Dahlia and Michaelmas Daisy Gardens one of many private visits.



1962 Last passenger train left Mildenhall Railway Station



1976 W.I. village sign unveiled

1976 First "Barton Miller" (local magazine) delivered to all houses in the village

1978 Glebe Cottage demolished rebuilt as new Vicarage

1979 Rosemary Club's 21st birthday

ad 1980 

1980 Nora Hanbury Kelk Meadows donated to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust

1981 Barton Hall became residential home for autistic children

1986 New A11 opened

1989/90 "800 Years" church festival held

1992 FHDC designated parts of village as a conservation area

1992 Four wooden seats donated by Mildenhall Charity Shop to set up around the playing field and eight sacks of daffodil bulbs planted

ad 1990

1995 V.E. Day in May torches lit on Cherry Hill

1995 Official opening of the Peace Rose Garden next to the Village Hall

ad 1996

1996 St Mary's Church Preservation Trust launched

1998 First Scarecrow Festival 

1998 Bull Inn closed down

1999 Armed raid on Village Post Office

1999 Scarecrow Festival is a Guinness Book record holder

1999 Dog and Partridge closed and sold to be a private house

2000 Bull Inn has new owners and will reopen

2000 Barton Mills on the Internet via the 22 Villages Scheme

ad 2000

ad 1500 

ad 1950 



1150 First Norman tower built at church



1901 Population: 444

1910 Earliest record of football team

ad 1200 


1553 Monks Manor granted to Simon Steward of Lakenheath

ad 1920 

1951 Football Club reformed

1953 Land bought at public auction for Village Playing Field

1957 Sale of Parish Pit on Chalk Hill - 100

1958 First Women's Institute meeting

1959 Dog and Partridge almost destroyed by fire rebuilt later in the year

Saxon Times 

ad 1600 

ad 1960 


1290 Barton Mills consists of three fields: East Field, Middlefield and West Field.

1299 Profit from the field crops was 22.16.10 p

ad 1300 


1681 Parish Clerk earns 8p a year

ad 1930 

1939 War declared. Old School and Village Hall occupied by the Army. No evening services at church as it was impossible to black-out the windows.

1964 Last freight train left Mildenhall Railway Station

1964 New Lark Mead sluice opened part of 11million flood protection for Fens

ad 1000 

ad 1700 

ad 1970 

ad 1400 

1786 Monks Manor owned by Thomas Thoresby

ad 1940 

ad 1800