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There are many other interesting and beautiful buildings in Barton Mills, and the following are just a few snippets of interesting information:

Pedlar's Patch is probably some 400 years old. Local history holds that the bargees used to stop here when barges still plied their trade along the Lark.

The Old Reading Room was converted from a house plus reading room to one dwelling about twenty years ago. Prior to that the rector lived there.

In the recent past, The Old Rectory has had periods as both a school and as a restaurant.

46 The Street is another converted home, which was originally three dwellings. The eastern end was originally a smithy.

The Baptist Chapel, which is listed in White's Directory, was struck by lightning as soon as it was built and then rapidly rebuilt.

Barton House has enjoyed many incarnations. It was once a school, and more recently flats for U.S. personnel from RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall. It is now a private dwelling.

The Dhoon, or 19 Penny Royal House as it was originally known, was for a time the home of Alexander Fleming, and there are still people in Barton Mills who were invited to his garden parties as children. It now stands on only a portion of its original grounds, some of which were taken to build it's neighbouring house and Staunch Cottage.

White Lodge was a nursing home at one time.

The Rectory has a plaque on the wall giving its history. It was rebuilt about 20 years ago, but the front was rebuilt exactly the same as the original.



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