Dahlia Gardens
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Sandfords Dahlia Gardens

Dahlia Gardens 1.jpg (55885 bytes)Sandfords Dahlia Gardens became world famous. They were started in 1912 by Mr Sandford and his daughter and during the 1920s Mr Sandford began specialising in Dahlias and Michaelmas Daisies. In 1934 Alec Bailey joined the firm and a year later the size of the gardens increased from one and one-quarter acres to two and three-quarter acres. Perhaps it was the intricate designs used to set out the gardens or the multitude of colours - or both - that made the gardens a popular attraction. 

Dahlia Gardens 2.jpg (87089 bytes)When the Sandfords opened the gardens in aid of charity in the 1950s, visitors came by the coach load from far and near to enjoy the spectacle. Unfortunately, the gardens were closed in the late 1960's and now Sandford's Garden Centre occupies the site.

Copyright 2000: C. Peachey, Phylis Ferguson - U.S.A. (photos)

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