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Parish Church - St Mary's

The church is the oldest and most notable building in the village. The present building dates from the late 12th century although there was very probably a wooden church building here in Saxon times. We know for certain that there was a church on this site in 1154 as there is a charter from the brother of Henry II, giving the church to his steward and chamberlain. Parish Church 1.jpg (35119 bytes)Through the centuries, the building has been greatly altered and restored. The north doorway dates from the 14th century, though the actual door was replaced to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The old south door still has the 'sanctuary ring' attached to it, the porch was restored in 1901 to commemorate the reign of Queen Victoria, and in the millennium year 2000, new oak framed glass doors (given as a memorial to a former parishioner) have been fitted to the outer arch.

In recent years, much of the mediaeval glass, which, fortunately for us , had been hidden away during the desecration of the church in the 16th century, has been restored. The many reminders of previous generations of worshippers include the stone stoup, the sedilla and the piscina in the walls and the 14th century font. The three bells, which are now rung regularly every Sunday, date from 1527, 1533 and 1608.

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