Oral History Workshop - FINAL REMINDER

Print this newsletter28/11/99

Looking forward to seeing you all on this Tuesday (30 Nov) 7.00pm at Forest Heath District Offices, College Heath Road, Mildenhall for the Oral History workshop. If you have any portable cassette players or microphones please bring them along.  On a separate matter, I am happy to bring a scanner along if anyone needs any drawings, photos or documents scanning for future use BUT please let me know before hand.

Bury Records Office Visit
Last Tuesday's trip (23/11/99) was attended by 11 people from communities including West Row, Moulton, Barton Mills, Worlington, Herringswell and Higham. The evening included a look around the strong room (normally off limits) and as usually a great deal of guidance and support from Sheila Reed (and Jean). The past three visits have proved a tremendous success with 14 villages attending and enjoyed by almost 50 local people. When teams would like us to run another one next year please suggest a date to Joe.

How to print those newsletters WITHOUT the names at the top?
This is a question I have been asked quite often recently, so decided to do something about it. The easiest way is to print them out when you are online at the newsletter section of the www.22villages.org home page. A button has been added to the top of each newsletter to make it easier. I'd like to thank all those who print out copies of these email newsletters for those in the team without access to the internet. Remember at cheap rate even if you log on just for 30 seconds you will still be charged BT's minimum of 5p (5 mins) so it need not cost you anymore.

Tithe Maps
We have been advised that for complex copyright reasons it is not currently possible to directly copy or photograph these maps. However it occurs to me that should any village/town invest time and tracing paper, they would then be reinterpreting the map and therefore they would own the copyright of the new original. If anyone has skills in this area it would be great to hear from them and possibly could form the basis of a future workshop.

Registration Districts of Suffolk in 1836
We have added a link to a site covering the above in informative detail. Go to the newspaper boy section at www.22villages.org and look at the places to visit section. It would be good to expand this section with YOUR nominations for the best and most helpful online resources YOU have come across - share the knowledge!! helpful_links@22villages.org Thanks


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