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Print this newsletter18/11/99

web page including expanded ground plan of the churchHerringswell has produced another section of its website, telling of the history of its church and its stained glass windows. They had the idea of incorporating a ground plan of the church to allow readers to visualise where each window is in relation to the others. It works really well and shrinks down to a info graphic containing extra information when not being used.

Final Reminder Final Trip
Last call for the Bury Records Office visit, this Tuesday 23rd November, 7.30pm. If your community is sending a representative, let Joe know in advance and the BRO will lay out the relevant documents and information before you arrive. A big thank you to Sheila and her staff for running these very helpful and informative evenings. Those signed up already include West Row, Moulton, Barton Mills, Worlington, Herringswell and Tuddenham.

section of Kentford's timelineKentford Timeline published
Sue and the rest of the village team have now produced an excellent and informative timeline on their website. This is still being expanded and developed but is already well worth a look. They sent the web designer a simple chronological list with three columns - Date, Event title & short description, Reference. Just by doing this they have identified items that are idea for further research and events that may have a a connection with each other. If your community would like help with this contact Joe for further information.

visit any 22village website and you will see this iconYour views (and your visitors) are important
Now, if you have any comments or views on a particular page on ANY of the 22villages web sites you can easily let the relevant community team know. We have added a new button icon  to every page. It sits on the left hand side above the signpost, clicking on it starts an email addressed to the team responsible for the web site you are currently on. Perhaps you know something that would add to the information already on the page (don't forget to identify which page/section you are commenting on) or maybe there is some information you feel needs more clarification or maybe even to congratulate the team for the work to date!! Please use and tell your friends and colleagues this to give us the feedback to further improve the project.

Dates for your Diary
Tue 23 Nov
, 7.30pm Bury Records Office Visit * Tue 30 Nov 7.00pm Oral History Workshop, FHDC Offices, Mildenhall * Wed 15 Dec 7.30pm Open Meeting inc guest speaker is David Cleveland, Director of East Anglian film Archive, Dalham Village Hall


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