Towns added and new design!

Print this newsletter10/11/99

Our web site home page has new graphics, making it easier to click on each community and also incorporating the towns of Brandon, Mildenhall and Newmarket. They appear when you move over the signpost or the postbox, see them at

Ooops ! Bury Record Office Final Trip is on Tues 23 Nov, 7.30pm (Not Sat)
Sorry, in the previous newsletter I put Sat instead of Tue (right date, wrong day!) Those who have gone on previous 22villages trips have always said how useful these evenings are. This will be the final one we run via the 22villages initiative, so I hope to see a good turnout! Those villages that book in advance (via Joe) will have information and documents relating to their village laid out on the night. So book now!!!

Oral History Workshop Tue 30 Nov 7.00pm
Help! We still need a venue for this workshop, if your village has not hosted a meeting yet we would be really grateful if your community would consider this.. thanks Joe

Eclipse Continues!
Thanks to Helen Jenkinson from Tuddenham for her family's thoughts on this once in a lifetime event. Read all about it by clicking on the newspaperboy on our home page at and choosing the Eclipse page from the Places to Visit section. Why not give us your contribution by sending a quick email to

Older Browsers - help is at hand
No not you, your browser software! The 22villages website is optimised for those with more recent browsers (version 4 and above). If you are still using a version 3 browser then the graphics our home page do not always behave as they should (to check what version yours is simply click on [Help] > [About..] from the main menu). To use the simpler homepage click on the new link at the bottom right of the home page. If you decide you would like to upgrade the simplest way is to buy virtually any internet magazine with a free CD on the front. Any problems feel free to ring me.


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