Oral history workshop, Tue 30 Nov **** URGENT ***


We now have a date for a 22villages Oral history workshop, Tue 30 Nov 7.00pm. I am keen to make this our most successful evening so please book early. It would also help if you could say if you have a cassette recorder you could bring along for the practical part of the evening. Below is an outline programme but Roger Kitchen from Living Archive www.livingarchive.org.uk/ has said he is very much open to suggestions, if you have a particular request for the evening let us know!

The evening is free to all BUT numbers are limited so please let me know soon how many are coming from your community. Also I am looking for a village/town to offer to host the evening.. any offers??!!


Oral History Interview Training  Evening Tue 30 Nov 7.00pm

7.00 Introductions
Why there, particular interests and skills.  
7.05 What is the Living Archive and who am I?
7.10 Who is a good interviewer and why?
7.15 The Four Golden Rules

You only get what you ask for
 Be interested
7.20 The Questions
 You only get what you ask for.  Preparing the list.  The role of the list.  Adding to it.  (DO LIST OF QUESTIONS)
7.40 The Interview
 Questions that work - open v closed
          - simple, one at a time
 Being interested -body lang, eye contact, eliminating verbal encouragements.  No note-taking, being there when interviewee looks at you
 Experience of being interviewed.  Life's experiences as library of books.
 Listening - not interrupting
     - picking up clues
     - questions as guide
 Respect - why there and talking to them?
   - hiding your own knowledge
  - man on moon
  - using your knowledge
7.55 Conducting the interview
 Making initial contact
 Checking equipment
 Conducting the interview - sitting comfortably
     - extraneous noises
     - setting up equipment, setting level
     - getting going
    - pacing it
    - using the list of questions
the end  - playing back last few seconds
    - taking tab out
    - not running
8.15 Getting a good sound
    -Tape recorder as notebook
    - being prepared
    - explaining machine
    - setting a level
(EXERCISE IN PAIRS - Origin of name)
8.45 Interview Practice
9.15 Feedback on interviews

9.30 Making tapes accessible and useable
Copyright and Deposit instructions  
Summaries v transcripts
Tape summaries - Alice Gear
9.50  Feedback on evening


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