Santon Downham Open Meeting (18/8/98) a great success


Attended by 28 people, as well as a good turnout from locals, representatives from Cavenham, Tuddenham, Worlington, Lakenheath and Kentford. Colin Dring gave a fascinating talk on "The Enclosures and Tithe Maps" (Many modern roads date from this time and Cambridge University Library has 603 Enclosure documents on Exning!). Village contact, Ronnie Moran, leafleted the village to publicise the meeting and the result was two more members for the Santon Downham team!
Scanner available for your village
Sarah from Cavenham has kindly agreed to provide a picture scanning service for the 22 villages. To use this resource simply contact her via email or phone 01638 750720 and arrange a suitable time to go round with your pictures. Sarah work is flexible hours, so can be available both daytime or evening. The resulting images can be saved to a disk or emailed directly to Joe. If applicable, please remember to obtain permission from the owner of the image to make a copy of it for publication 
Messenger Service A small piece of free software  (available from Joe) that just sits at the bottom of your screen and tells you if others from the 22villages community are currently online. If so, you can send them an instant message or chat online with them. Traditionally itís rather like bumping into someone at the village shop! Please remember to ask if the person you call is busy as they will obviously be online for other reasons.
A Year in history..
Useful history site enables you to enter a year and see what was happening in the country during this time. Well worth a look at.
While the Eclipse is fresh in your mind...
In 90 years time, at the time of the next solar eclipse, future generations may wonder how we celebrated the 1999 eclipse. Did we huddled, terrified behind the sofa? perhaps strange sacrificial rituals involving household pets?
Lets dispel the myths - 22villages is looking for 22 short personal accounts (say a couple of paragraphs sent as an email) of how you and your family marked the eclipse and what it meant to you. These accounts will be turned into a special page on the website (and maybe the book?) Closing date 10th September.
Moulton Map
How to get a photographic Ariel view of Moulton village, that would need 25 computer screens to see whole and take 30 minutes to download, onto their web site? This was the challenge John Gunson set our web designer. The solution was to slice it up into 25 sections and then create a girded smaller version that allows you to zoom in to view the chosen piece. See the result by connecting to move your mouse over the signpost and select Moulton.
Launch THIS Monday!
Looking forward to seeing you all at the 22villages Project Pack launch, this Monday (23rd August) 7.30pm and FHDC offices, College Heath Road, Mildenhall


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