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Historic Architecture Workshop
On Wednesday 9th June, Mark Barnard, Suffolk County Council's Historic Buildings Advisor gave us a fascinating insight into local architecture on a visit to Tuddenham. 16 villagers from Tuddenham, Cavenham, Dalham and even Toft (nr Cambridge)!acompanied Mark around the village, including an inspection of the 16th century Manor House (pictured right). Much light was thrown on the 'secret lives' of old buildings, for example do YOU know how to tell if the original builders of these old houses intended the ceiling beams to be exposed?? (answer at the bottom of this email). We were also shown the remains of a 16th century bedroom freize (more of this later).

We've Been Moved!
TownPages - the public kiosk people have moved us to a more appropriate page. We now have a link on the Newmarket page, under community information. you can also see it on the internet by clicking http://www.townpages.co.uk/TPFrameSet?frameURL=TownHomePage&townAlias=Newmarket

You Are Invited To.. Our First Open Meeting, Tue 15 June, 7.30pm
Tuddenham Village Hall are kindly hosting this opportunity to talk to our experts and support team, meet the pilot team from Tuddenham and hear a talk from Sandie Geddes
on "Parish Records, Aggregates, and Family Reconstitution". There will also be display and a chance to view the 22villages web site.

Countryside Expert Visit, Sat 19th June 1pm
Roger Goulding Forest Heath's expert on Nature Conservation, countryside issues, rights of way, flaura and fauna will be at Tuddenham for a couple of hours, meeting at the White Hart at 1pm Sat 19th June

Finally, Back To The Bedroom...
and that 16th Century ceiling frieze at the Manor House, Tuddenham. Not much survives and according to Mark (Barnard) what remains has been damaged by being covered with rendering for many years until it was rediscovered. It could be a coat of arms and appears to consist of a rectangular box with a scroll at each corner and a semi circles at the top and bottom. The inside of the box is more of a mistery and one suggestion was of fishes. On the right you will see a photograph as it currently exists and is very difficult to discern anything, but we have used computer enhancing technologies to bring out this image hidden for so many years. Simply move your mouse over the picture to reveal the 22villages enhanced version.

(A) If the original builders of these old houses intended the ceiling beams to be exposed.. they chamfered the edges of the beams.




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