An excellent evening was had by 16 villagers from Kentford, Santon Downham, Tuddenham, Cavenham, Dalham, Moulton and Red Lodge. The Records Office Public Services Manager, Sheila Reed, gave a short talk followed by a tour of the facilities. Historic documents and maps relating to the 22 villages had been laid out in advance for us in the Research Room and the rest of the evening was spent as amateur 'Time Team' members guided by Sheila and her colleague Louise.
Bury Records Office has kindly agreed to give all villagers working on the 22village project a 20% discount on all photocopying (please let Joe have a list of your team members in order to take advantage of this offer). A portable computer will be made available at the Records Office to villagers wishing to enter their information directly (bookable in advance from Joe).
On a light hearted note, we were even able to teach the Records Office something! - Staff made mention of the difficulty in getting Latin translated, 22villages has already uncovered 2 websites that allow you to type in Latin (or Greek) and have it translated to English instantly! Try going to http://lysy2.archives.nd.edu/cgi-bin/words.exe also http://www.nd.edu/~archives/latgramm.htm Our intention is to run another evening in August to coincide with the start of the Project.
New Email Village Contacts
Welcome to Gary King (eriswell@22villages.org) and Katherine Whitwell (moulton@22villages.org) who bring the number of villages with email contacts to 14. Also ANY village can be contacted by sending an email to 'villagename'@22villages.org (Joe may have to then pass some messages on - but they WILL get there!) Sending an email to allvillages@22villages.org will send your message to ALL 22 villages in the project. SO do keep in touch and share ideas and information. The list of village contacts as at 30/05/99 is attached to this newsletter as a web page simply double click on it.
On Wed 18th August, 7.30pm Santon Downham Village Hall is kindly hosting the next bi-monthly 22villages open meeting. Colin Dring, our guest speaker will to tell us about Tithe Maps and The Enclosures. There will be a chance to talk to other villages and others involved in the 22villages project. All villages are welcome so please send a representative along from YOUR village.
Some of you might like to check out http://www.localtel.co.uk/ or 0800 376 5262 This is the first Internet provider to offer not only a free internet service but free off peak phone calls to the internet via an 0800 number. The small print is that you have to change the company who sends you your phone bill from BT to Localtel. Apart from this nothing changes no new wires or phone number and as they promise that all other calls are cheaper than BT it could well be worth looking at. If anyone does follow this up please let the group know how you get on. And no I'm not on commission!!

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