Open Meeting Wed 23 Feb 7.30pm

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Hosted by Elveden at their Village Hall. The theme for the evening will be 'Computers for the Terrified!' an opportunity to learn the basics of using a computer, altering the size of an image, connecting and browsing the internet. There will also be the chance to talk to other communities about how their projects are progressing.

Site of the Week
We have added a new feature to the home page at Thanks to the help of our friends at we will regularly be bringing to your attention heritage sites worth a look at! The first is the British Golf Museum's web site which leads the visitor on a tour through the history of the sport starting with the first documentary reference to golf in Scotland, when James II banned golf in favour of archery in the year 1457. This feature of the 22villages home page will change frequently - so visit often

Much work at Moulton
Moulton have added some excellent sections to their website, to find out more about the Enclosures Act in 1839, the many events recorded in the Manor Rolls dating back to 1281 and the unscheduled stop by an airship in 1912 and much else besides go to and click on Moulton on the signpost. Also they have enlightened us about some interesting old words, but even they were stuck on the meaning of Capellanus and Pigthle. After much head scratching an email was sent to the 22village resource, run by Cavenham which responded with the following answer!
capellanus. Cf. It. cappellano, F. capelan, chapelain chaplain.]
a. A keeper of the sacred relics.
b. One who officiates in a chapel; a chaplain.

Pigthle A small field or enclosure; a close or croft
If you would like to use this service simple send your word(s) to the address above and the results will be emailed back.

Notice our Noticeboard
We have revamped the homepage at, which now has a real noticeboard! If you have something to tell the whole 22villages community about send an email to and we will put it up (drawing pins permitting!) Currently there is a reminder about next Wednesday's Open meeting, a focus on Cavenham's new site and a poster that will take you straight to the 22villages newsgroup.


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