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Print this newsletter07/01/00

We have gained sponsorship from a hi tech company called xippix.com. They have offered EACH 22villages communities the web based server side technology to display high resolution images (worth over 10,000). What this means in English is that you will be able to zoom in to individual features/buildings from an aerial photograph of the whole village. To see an example go to http://www.xippix.com/Pages/demos/paris.asp or click on the picture. This is the first time a UK community project has been supported in this way.

Next Open Meeting Wed 23 Feb 7.30pm
This is being hosted by Elveden at their Village Hall. They have asked that the theme for the evening will be 'Computers for the Terrified!' an opportunity to learn the basics of using a computer, altering the size of an image, connecting and browsing the internet. If your team, have other questions please let me know in advance. There will also be the chance to talk to other communities about how their projects are progressing.

Tuesday Support expands to Anytime Support
We our changing our Tuesday night online support to a more flexible anytime 'buddies online' support. This is already used by 10 of the villages and enables you to 'see' if anyone from the 22villages project is currently online and chat to them. Its rather like bumping into someone down at the local shops. Simply ring Joe (01379) 646046 or email buddies@22villages.org if you would like to be part of this support network.

Have Your Say
This newsletter goes to every one of the 25 communities involved as well as experts, sponsors and supporters of the project. So use it yourselves to express views, invite debate and keep others informed.

Bury Free Press Fri 7/1/2000
Hopefully there will be an article in tomorrow's paper about our project. Also we were featured in the Millennium Festival's December bulletin, which lead to Bedfordshire Museum Services asking our permission to link their forthcoming website to our online oral history workshop.


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