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 **Final Reminder**
Greg Hannaman, the American airbase historian is planning to bring a small display and talk for around 20 mins on US involvement in the area and of course answer your questions.The venue is the Live and Let Live Club, The Street Herringswell and the theme chosen is "Americans here during the war". If your community has information on this - or would like more! please contact Andrew Holman on 01638 552703 or

Dalham Hedgerow... Grows
Jenny Perry, a local artist from Dalham continues to record the diary of a local hedgerow. Captured in both words and original paintings, the period of April through to July is now online. Many visitors have praised this highly original aspect of the 22villages project. Simply go to and click on Dalham on the signpost.

iPIX supports 22 villages
Visitors to the 22 villages site are now able to "step inside" key scenes from different communities within the project's area, thanks to support from Internet Pictures Corportation and Emap Digital.
iPIX images allow visitors to view a scene - up and down and all around, zooming in and out - simply by moving their mouse. Two digital images are taken, facing in opposite directions. These are stitched together by the iPIX software to recreate the whole scene. iPIX has given us 20 of the "keys" needed to save a scene for publication on the web, and pictures will be taken using equipment belonging to Emap's Construction Plus web sites.
The first two scenes are already on the 22 villages site, showing Santon Downham church. Others have been taken at Mildenhall Air Fete. Communities that would like to find out more or suggest scenes for possible inclusion should contact Joe ( or Lisa (

Arts2000 online
Local arts events are now available online, thanks to Lizzi Cocker, Forest Heath's Arts and Heritage Assistant. Over 30 events, during July, August and September, are detailed - from Moliere through Bugsy Malone to a talk on Suffolk Murderers. There is also the opportunity to add to the Council's growing Arts resource database, so if you know a good violin teacher or where to learn landscape painting let Lizzi know.

Promote your community's events
by putting them on the Millennium Festival website. The details are... Go to the Millennium Festival website - and the Event Search pages. Select 'Online Entry' to get a form on screen to enter your event.  Navigate using the arrow and tab keys (return enters, whether you've finished or not!). The site is being publicised through 75,000 leaflets and street dressing materials in 13 towns and cities in the Eastern region - as well as links from other sites. So if you use this free service - put out extra seats!!

There are now 84 days until the end of the project...
We are now in the final phase of the project. All teams should now focus on their 4,000 words (4 pages) for the 22villages book.
The last date for submitting your community's edited, referenced information and photographs is Saturday 30th September 2000. Our aim is to have 1,000 books (5 each) and 1,000 cds (3 each) available by Christmas. To reserve your copy, click here


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