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Our project has been awarded 1,800 worth of sponsorship from Microsoft UK, in the form of three copies of Office2000 Professional. This includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage (the web design package) and Access. If your community would like to make a case as to how its contribution to the 22village project would be enhanced if it could use this software, please email or phone direct on 01379 646046. A spokesperson for Microsoft said they were impressed with the innovation and community aspect of this Forest Heath District Council project.

Next Open Meeting Thursday 13th July, 7.30pm (**date changed**)
It is at the Live and Let Live Club, The Street Herringswell and the theme chosen is "Americans here during the war". If your community has information on this - or would like more! please contact Andrew Holman on 01638 552703 or

Easiest way to print out your site
Want to show your team's work to the rest of the community, but not sure how? Simply go to your home page > from the main menu choose [File] > [Page Setup...] then set the right margin to 5mm, the rest to 0mm > Press [OK]. Scroll down the home page to the Table of Contents > click using the right hand mouse button on the first item (Home Page) and choose [Print Target] > Press [OK] and then repeat for each of the rest of the TOC. Your should not have to wait until each page is printed as your printer will place them in a queue.

Historic Photos
The site might be worth a look they are building a photo archive of every listed building in the country, so there should be a few Forest Heath ones there!

Highlighted on the web
We have been spotted by who have included information on our project in their local authorities section. The site is well worth a visit.

Leave your thoughts
We now have a guest book on the site, accessible from the main page at or from a button on the left hand margin of any of the village sites. Don't forget to add your name and location to any comments. Its a great way to get feedback from visitors so please visit it regularly

In The Press (again)
Elveden has been the focus of an interesting article in the Bury Free Press recently (19/5/2000) focusing on their 22village wartime section. It highlights the fact that contributors 1,000s of miles apart have worked to give a great insight into life in the American base at Elveden. Well done, team members Gill and Neville Turner. Elveden has a village fete coming up (Sat 01/07/2000) - everyone is invited!

Guide to the Internet
For those who would like some extra help and tuition in all things internet, from browser basics to how do I search go to It is free of the usual jargon and full of useful tips


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